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The Ultimate Comfort System™: Energy-Efficient Heating for Nanaimo Area Homes

Are you trying to “crack the code” with your thermostat, dialing the perfect combination to get the downstairs kitchen and the upstairs bedrooms at a comfortable, constant temperature? Are you looking for the perfect balance between comfort and energy efficient heating in your Nanaimo home? Lennox’s Ultimate Comfort System™ makes it easy with an innovative new system that combines energy-efficient heating and cooling with precise temperature control. Here’s how:

Lennox SLP98V Gas Furnace

The SLP98V Gas Furnace: Precision Heating

When you set your thermostat on a conventional system, the single capacity, single speed furnace goes on full blast and heats the house up past the temperature you set. Then, the furnace goes off, and temperatures go down below the temperature you set, when the furnace kicks on again. When you set the temperature on this kind of system, your home will actually be either above or below that temperature most of the time. What’s more the furnace draws more energy to heat the house once temperatures have fallen.

The variable speed airflow and variable capacity of the SLP98V Gas Furnace allows it to respond to temperature changes more quickly, making micro adjustments that keep the temperature constant – and drawing considerably less energy than a conventional system because it doesn’t go on full blast and doesn’t have to heat the house by several degrees each time it’s on. This furnace was recognized as the Most Efficient of Energy Star certified products in 2017 and our customers are appreciative of both the energy savings and the quiet operation of this furnace.

Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner

The XC25 Air Conditioner: The Coolest AC on the Block

What the SLP98V does to revolutionize heating, the XC25 does for cooling. This air conditioner responds to even fractional fluctuations in the temperature, making small adjustments to keep your home at a constant level of cooling. This super-quiet, super-efficient unit can even sense and adjust to your comings and goings – and you’ll feel cooler still when you see the savings on your energy bills!

The Smart Way to Heat and Cool Your Home

The XC25 Air Conditioner comes ready to be connected to SunSource® solar modules to harness free solar energy to run your system. But even if you don’t hook up solar panels to your system, Lennox’s Ultimate Comfort System helps you harness the power of state-of-the-art technology to drive your energy savings.

Install the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat to program your system to heat or cool your house when you are home and turn the system down when you’re at work. Never get on the Island Highway again, wondering if you remembered to turn the heat down before you left!

For maximum efficiency, ask your representative from The Comfort Group about Lennox’s iHarmony™ Zoning. This feature allows you to set up temperatures for different areas of your home on thermostats in each zone, from the main thermostat, or even from your phone. You can save up to 35% on energy usage by redirecting heating and cooling from rooms that are not in use to rooms that are constantly occupied.

The Comfort Group is in the business of making Vancouver Island homes more comfortable and more energy-efficient. Call us today to learn more about Lennox’s Ultimate Comfort System and how it can help you stretch your energy dollars!

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